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Don't Forget to Sign our Guest Book
Don't Forget to Sign our Guest Book
Mike Flaherty is the drummer/vocalist. 
Along with Chuck, he is an original 
member. Mostly self taught, he has 
been playing since the age of 12. He 
played in the marching and concert 
bands in high school. Mike performed 
with several local bands including a 14 
piece soul band called the Expressions 
featuring the Delvons before finally 
settling in with Appaloosa in 1971. 
He also plays and sings with 
the St. Ursula Contemporary 
Worship Group on Sunday 
mornings and at other 
church functions.

Mike says the great thing about playing in Appaloosa is being able to perform such a wide variety of music while entertaining audiences. Music is such a big part of my life that I can’t imagine not performing in some capacity.
MiKe FlAheRty
MiKe FlAheRty