Meet Appaloosa

Chuck Ansell

Founding member of Appaloosa, Keyboards & Vocals


Chuck has been performing in bands since he was 16. He started out as a lead vocalist while being caught up in the "British Invasion" and the Motown Sound in the 60's. Then at 19 he picked up keyboards.

After playing in several bands and developing a vision for what he considered to be a successful formula for a group, he formed Appaloosa in 1971. Success came quickly, and over the years Appaloosa has experienced good fortune and stability.

"It works really well, because we have such a good group chemistry".

Mike Flaherty

Founding member of Appaloosa, Drums & Vocals

Mike Flaherty Pic

Mike, mostly self taught, he has been playing since the age of 12. He played in the marching and concert bands in high school.

Mike has performed with several local bands, including a 14 piece soul band called "The Expressions", featuring the Delvons before finally settling in with Appaloosa in 1971. He also plays and sings with the St. Ursula Contemporary Worship Group on Sunday mornings and at other church functions.

Mike says the great thing about playing in Appaloosa is being able to perform such a wide variety of music while entertaining audiences.

"Music is such a big part of my life that I can't imagine not performing in some capacity".

Mark Ramsburg

Guitar & Vocals

Mark Ramsburg

Mark has been playing with bands in and around the Frederick MD area since 1970, his junior year in high school. Between then and now there has been only one extended period of time where he wasn't performing, that was his junior year of College.

Mark learned to play guitar watching and listening to the great musicians in the Frederick area.

A deep appreciation for all the great musicians and wonderful people he has been blessed to have worked with, and the great bands he has been part of over the years. Now Appaloosa has been added to that list.

Rudy Klima

Lead Vocals


Rudy has been performing in theater and bands since the age of 14. He studied classical piano for four years at The Peabody Conservatory Of Music before the age of 16, studied Voice Performance,Music and Acting Theory at UMBC, and Jazz Piano at Essex Community College. By the age of 16, he joined his first full-time rock band, and has been performing in Top 40, Rock, Pop, Country, and Jazz bands ever since. Also, he has been a Musician/Sound Technician with Crosswind Church Of God Praise Team, in Westminster, MD. since 2002. Rudy had the good fortune to participate in two European Choral Tours with UMBC, and sang with the orchestral choir for the grand opening of the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. He performed briefly with musicians from The Who, The Lovin Spoonful, and The Marine Jazz Band as a keyboardist for Elvis Tribute Shows. Rudy graduated from UMBC with majors in Biological Sciences and Music. Later, he graduated from UMAB School Of Dentistry in 1987 with Honors, and has a highly successful dental practice in Hampstead, Carroll County, MD.

Joel Brengle

Bass Guitar & Vocals


Joel has been performing since the late 70's, getting his first start in a Frederick County dance band at age 16. At 18, he continued for 3 years as a member of Just Us (a Variety Band). Then as a member Fresh (a Baltimore Top 40 band) he played through the early 80's in the Baltimore/Annapolis/Eastern Shore area.

In 1985, he took a different course and founded Crystal Sea, a Southern Gospel group which toured the neighboring 9 states for 15 years and recorded 8 albums which included a national single release.

After taking a break to raise a family, he continues to work heavily within the audio world at Crosswind Church in Wesminster, playing and singing on the Praise Team and engineering audio. He has also recorded 3 Worship albums there.

Joel is now adding his expertise and experience to a long-standing Baltimore legend, Appaloosa.

George Reeves

Sound Engineer


Appaloosa welcomes aboard sound engineer George Reeves. His passion for the industry began at 13 mixing for his church and continues to this day for various sound companies and churches.

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Black & White Photo's by Blaine Jones